What Is A Mentor?

While small businesses are of vital importance to our economy, many of them find that they lack sufficient expertise to grow in critical areas. Having access to the right networks of information and resources can make a big difference in helping small businesses succeed.

Small firms can benefit from the valuable business savvy and expertise of larger firms. Research has shown countless examples of how the practice of matching large and small firms and of cultivating these relationships can be mutually beneficial.

Mentoring is a business-to-business relationship that includes learning, information sharing, and networking among firms and intermediaries. These relationships can be essential to business success and a vital resource to help communities.

Partnering allows both companies and individual business professionals to bring their expertise and resources into these business-to-business collaborations to further their business objectives. A major objective is to encourage large businesses to partner with small businesses that have less access to resources.

Following are some characteristics of business-to-business relationships:

We are looking to match the best business mentors with the business people who will actively benefit most from the relationships.

The successful mentor is someone who:

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